• pediatric flatfoot

Flatfoot is a partial or total collapse of the arch. There are two types of flatfoot: Asymptomatic (without symptoms or pain) and Symptomatic.

Pain, tenderness or cramping in the foot or leg
Difficulty wearing shoes
Inability to keep up with other children when participating in physical activities
Changes in walking
Outward shifting of the heel

Non surgical treatments for flatfoot include:

Orthotic Devices: Specially made inserts that fit inside the shoe to support the architecture of the foot and ankle, while improving functionality.

Shoes: Proper supportive shoes are essential. A podiatrist or pedorthist will be able to assist you with a proper shoe for your child.

Physical Therapy: Stretching exercises may provide reduction in pain and relief in some cases of flatfoot.

Pediatric Podiatry Services

Dr. Scott Hausen specializes in pediatric podiatry and can treat children of all ages as well as adults and seniors.

pediatric flatfoot


Flatfoot is a partial or total collapse of the arch. There are two typ...

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