• pediatric pigeon toes

Intoeing is a condition when a child’s toes point inward when walking. Intoeing is a result of: a “twisting” of one of the leg bones (tibia) or a weakness of leg muscles.

Most times, a child will “outgrow” this condition, and therefore, no treatment is necessary. However, more severe require some form of treatment. It is best if this condition is recognized sooner rather than later. In fact, optimal treatment occurs (around 7-8 months old) before the child starts to walk.


Treatment consists of weekly serial casting of the feet and legs. Duration of treatment varies dependent on the severity of the condition.

As the child is walking, a special type of orthotic (gait plate) is used for treatment.

It is fairly rare that a child will require surgery for this condition.

Pediatric Podiatry Services

Dr. Scott Hausen specializes in pediatric podiatry and can treat children of all ages as well as adults and seniors.

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